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Aug 23, 2016
Quote by The Buddha: With our thoughts we make the world.

The Power of Your Thoughts

Even though most schools of Buddhism don't talk about, or focus on, this very much it pretty clear that the Buddha understood that we are creating our reality with our thoughts.  How is this possible?  Our reality is not the independent objective reality that we assume it is.  The fundamental stuff of the Universe is not matter, it's consciousness — all is mind.  All realities, including the one that your focal point of awareness is currently immersed in (yes, there are multiple parallel realities) are CONSTRUCTS of thought.

The Universe IS consciousness.  And it's THOUGHTS are the STUFF that we see and experience.  We are focal points of awareness of the Universal consciousness looking out onto its own thought-scape, it's own mind-scape, and experiencing it.  Our reality is more like a dream, a very coherent lucid dream.

So dream big and expect wonderful,

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