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Dec 17, 2016

As always, my articles are simply my perspective that I offer in the spirit of discovery and empowerment ... take what resonates and leave the rest.

Welcome to my Power Affirmations series.  On a semi-regular basis, I'm going to share my favorite power affirmations.  They will be bold, advanced level affirmations but I will also provide an example of how to tone them down for those that aren't ready for the stronger version but want to get there.  I'll also add other little tidbits of wisdom about affirmations and deliberate creation as appropriate.

Affirmations are a way to apply the power of the spoken word to reinforce empowering beliefs and positive feelings — both of which play pivotal roles in powerful deliberate creation.  It might not be much of an exaggeration to say that your words are like orders placed with the universe, especially if you repeat the same words frequently and consistently and don't contradict them with conflicting thoughts, words, and deeds.

My hope is that the examples of affirmations that I will share in this series will help you use affirmations more effectively and become a more masterful deliberate creator.

Jeff's Power Affirmations

More coming, follow the blog to stay tuned.


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