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Sep 23, 2016
Quote by Jeff Street: Kindness is my religion and nature is my church.

Many are a rejecting the ideology and dogma of religion and realizing that they don't need an organization to tell them what God is, or how to connect with it.  They understand that God has always been present within everything, including within themselves, and are making a direct connection with it by going within and spending time in nature.  We are all part of the one consciousness that is all that is, that some refer to as God, and our connection to it has always been there deep within us to rediscover.

Also, many are realizing that kindness is the one over-arching way of being that if whole-heartedly embraced and expressed in our daily lives could create a wonderful world for all.  Kindness is the expression of the divine qualities of love, compassion, acceptance, allowance, and service to others, just to name a few.  If there was only one guiding principle to live by kindness might be it.

Kindness is magic!

PS/ Check out this video from that presents a recent channeled message from Jesus that echoes some of the ideas I shared above.  At 10:48 he specifically comments on religious dogma and individual spirituality.  You may find the whole video interesting because it introduces the New Scriptures that he has written and also includes an interesting introduction with a bit of his autobiography and more.

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