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Jun 27, 2016
Quote by Story Waters: In a rock, God is a rock. In a tree, God is a tree. In you, God is a person.

God is the source of all consciousness and is the essence that is in all things.  Your higher consciousness is universal/god consciousness.   Have you discovered your God-Self?

There is only one consciousness, and it permeates the fabric of the Universe and is within all things.  Check out Mind Over Matter - Consciousness and the Nature of Reality to explore this idea more deeply.  We are all individuated threads of universal consciousness — that's why it is sometimes referred to as SOURCE consciousness.

This one consciousness created multiple focal points of awareness within itself birthing many selves.  These many selves are all part of and within the One Self and one of them is YOU — that makes the One Self is your highest self!

You are WITHIN Source, and paradoxically Source is within you.  I explain this paradox and the multi-level composite structure of consciousness and self in The Multidimensional Self.  I also explore this topic from the perspective self-hood in Discovered Your God-Self?  Check them out!


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    You Are God, Get Over It! by Story Waters.
    An astonishing book that awakens you to your own power. Story has adopted the term 'Freedom Consciousness' to describe the state of being where spirit naturally resides. So rather than encouraging readers to become 'other than they are' he empowers them to realize 'All That They Already Are' through freeing the self from the limited beliefs that it may have taken on in forms such as fear, shame, guilt, and lack of self-worth..