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Nov 15, 2017

What is your first thought about any situation?

If you are like most people, the first thing you'll notice are the limitations — the potential difficulties, what could go wrong, why it might not work out, etc.  You might even catalog everything that could go wrong in your mind.

This insidious way of thinking has been referred to as "negativity bias" and it seems to infect most of us.  This mindset is hugely miscreative because, by The Law of Attraction, what you focus on you attract.  Which means you are more likely to experience those very difficulties and limitations!  If you want to become a more deliberate creator then you'll want to lose your habit of focusing on the negative and limitations and start focusing on the positive and possibilities instead!

The Buddha, who was deeply aware that we create our reality with our thoughts, aptly expressed the disempowering nature of this "limitation" mindset when he said: The mind that percieves the limitation is the limitation.

Here's a similar idea; Focus on 'What Could Be' not 'What Is'.  This statement alludes to the fact that the majority of the thoughts that most of us think are about the things that we are observing — "What Is" rather than "What Could Be."  Letting "What Is" dominate our attention only serves to perpetuate the status quo rather than driving change towards more desirable circumstances.  What you put your attention on is what you are thinking about, and what you predominately think about attracts more of the same — it's a universal law, the Law of Attraction.  This law is part of the reason why you are creating your reality with your thoughts, intentions, and beliefs.

Look around less, imagine more.
— Esther Hicks

To powerfully create the best outcomes and actively steer your life you must disregard how things are, as well as how others are seeing you, and give more of your attention to the way you prefer things to be.  You must deliberately direct your thoughts rather than merely observing what is happening around you and seeing and expecting the worst.

The Power of Possibility Thinking

What if we ceased our insidious habit of always focusing on problems and expecting the worst?  What if we instead focused on the possibilities and expected only the best outcomes from every situation we encountered?  What if we adopted a "positivity bias" and a tenacious habit of "possibility thinking"?  Try it and watch the magic begin.

More power to you!

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Have a question? Need advice or guidance?  I offer private counseling sessions.  

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