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Oct 19, 2017

I recently joined a spiritual group on Facebook and the owner of the group had shared her short but touching story of awakening and becoming a lightworker and here it is courtesy of Cyndy. — Enjoy, Jeff

When my awakening began in 2006 I started to have visions that I was supposed to help others.  It took a while for me to know how I was supposed to help.  In my early years from 7 to 12 I also had visions and dreams, Jesus was showing me and telling me this is what you will be doing and it is your calling.  I wasn't sure it that was real or had I just imagined that.  But I knew it would come to pass. 

Then my Grandmother started teaching me how to make Lightballs and how to send them and Light to the sick and suffering.  But I was afraid of my gifts because I knew that I would lose family and friends, and I would be called lots of names, like oh she is crazy, she thinks she is better than everyone, she is a witch, she is doing the Devils work.  Yes I heard it all.

Much later, in 2006 I began to have a strong urge that I had to go to an area in Toronto and that I would be helping to release thousands of lost souls.  Honestly, I didn't know what to think, I had no idea why this was happening to me, and I had no mentors at that time or anyone that I could share this information with.  All I knew was that I had to go and do God's work.  I kept asking my guides and angels to guide me and be with me to lead me to my true calling.

t So on this August night in 2006 I got on a train and went to Bloor and Landsdown, I knew that this was way bigger than me.  My heart was pounding out of my chest and I was thinking to myself what are you doing, and you are not actually going to do this.  I came off the train and everything was moving in slow motion, I felt like I was not even walking on the ground as if I were gliding or being carried.  All of a sudden I was light headed and I felt like I needed to be stronger than ever right now.  I could hear my guides and Jesus was right there telling me that this wasn't going to be easy and that they were right there with me all of the way.  And they said Cyndy you will be really exhausted right after this experience and what is happening is real.  This is something only you and Jesus need to understand, it's not anyone else's experience, it's your's alone.

As I was coming to the street to help lost souls to cross to the light, I decided that I had to go over by the coffee shop where it was well lit and I was being purely guided by spirit then.  Suddenly when I started to look around I could see literally thousands of lost souls who could not get to the light.  And I started praying and telling the lord to use me as the instrument to help them cross over to the light.  Some of them had been dead for 70 years and some had been murdered, some overdosed, but they all had one thing in common, for some reason they needed my help.  I could hear people crying and begging for my help, and I also could hear children and babies.

I walked around the neighborhood for about six hours praying, and sending light until I heard no more cries and pleas.  I had to block out how their spirits looked and what had happened to them.  By the end of this, I was beyond exhausted, I couldn't sleep until the following night.

I started to research what a lightworker was and I got certified in Reiki.  So this is the beginning of my journey and how I knew that I was a lightworker, on the right path, walking my talk and knowing without a single doubt that this is what I am supposed to be doing.  This is not the only area of the city that I have done work in but I have to say that none of the other places that I have been guided to were as intense as this one.  It took me six months to recover.  The other places that I went to were in the Old Weston Road area. And the souls that I helped cross over in those areas were around 200, compared to the thousands that were at Bloor and Landsdowne.


PS/ Checkout Cyndy's Facebook group that she created to bring lightworkers and healers together.

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