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Mar 25, 2017
There is so much power in a seemingly simple smile.

The Power of a Smile

Actions that impact, influence and change things in a profound way can be said to be powerful.  But the impact that certain actions have is not always obvious or overtly visible. Take for instance a smile.  Smiling can have a profound impact on both yourself and others, but that impact is somewhat intangible.  A smile conveys feelings of happiness, hope and positivity to anyone who sees it. When you smile, you are sending a message to those around you that they are accepted and welcomed, and that all is well.

Have you noticed how you feel when you smile?  It's pretty amazing isn't it?  It puts you in a good mood almost instantaneously.  You feel lighter, more carefree and it triggers happy thoughts, changing your mood for the better.  Anytime you are challenged, having a tough time, force yourself to smile, even for a few seconds. I can really make a differnce.

But perhaps even better than the imapact a smile has on ones self, is the impact a smile has when shared with others. You can turn someone's whole day around with just a smile.  And smiling is contagious!  A simple smile directed at others is the start of uplifting others.  Build a habit of lighting people up with your smile, I assure it will definitely be worthwhile.

Shine on,

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